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Every house wants to become a home. The right finishing touches can really give your house what's needed to make it a home. So, you have been searching for the right flooring, but what exactly is the right flooring? Whether it's carpet, vinyl, laminate, or whatever else you have in mind, Georgia's can help you. We are local, and Spokane likes local. Sure you could go to a big box store, but why spend more than what is needed to get the same quality product you want to make that house your home? We have in stock quality products that won't break the bank, and if you find a particular product you have fallen in love with, we can order it in a timely manner. Carpet remnants are always at marked down prices and bathroom sized vinyl remnants are very inexpensive. Why not come on in and check out our offers? Help us help you turn your house into a home.

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When luxury meets affordability, everyone is happy. Stain resistant, accident protected, and unprecedented assurance- those qualities just mentioned are what Bellera carpet has to offer. The beautiful diamond patterned high performance carpet is ready for your home. Come on in today and select the color that will make your house a home.
Why not have some peace of mind with your home?

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